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Manor Staff

Spooky Volunteers. The Manor needs many kind spirits to haunt our guest. You must be at least 13 years old to participate. High School student volunteers can earn community service hours. Download the volunteer information packet.

Rusty Minter. Rusty has been in the haunt industry for 25 years! His first haunt was Nightmare on 3rd Street in 1987. He is also the creator of past attractions such as The Crypt, Rigermortis Funeral Home, Perigord Cemetery, and all the attractions at the old Addamsville Terror Complex including the famous Tayman Manor Haunted House. He also worked for Thrillvania and Verdun Manor in Terrell, Tx for 7 years as pyrotechnics design, set design, and one of the park managers. He designed the layout and pyrotechnics of the Manor.

Bobby "Hobbes" LeCompte. Hobbes has been in the haunt industry for over 20 years! He apprenticed under the late Lance Pope at Thrillvania. He also worked with the design of the original Thorn Hall, all of the attractions at Thrillvania, and also worked at The Haunt House in Royce City for many years as an actor, set design, and costume design. Hobbes is a sculptor and an extremely talented f/x makeup artist. There's not much he hasn't done and we are very happy to have him on our crew.

Matt Pressnell. Matt is an industrial electrician with a background in automation production. He is responsible for all of the animations. Anything that moves and isn't human inside, he created.

Patrick Guy.   Patrick is a 1st Seargent in the US Army with 20 years of service to the United States of America. Patrick manages the actors at the Manor and assists with manintenance, set design and all the other preparations needed to open the house each year to visitors.