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Fighting Real Frights

This year Creekside Manor is working to aid Timothy William Bass. He has been diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic colorectal cancer. He is receiving chemotherapy but his doctors have explained that these treatments are only slowing the progression of the cancer. He may only have a year left to live.Tim Bass

Mr Bass volunteered during the early years of Creekside Manor supporting Creekside Manor's mission to donate a portion of ticket sales to help people- especially people battling cancer. Now Creekside Manor staff are hoping to assist him with an important wish. Mr. Bass wants to take a vacation trip with his twelve year old son Zack in hopes that this will provide his son with good memories to carry with him after Mr. Bass has passed away.

Please consider visiting Creekside Manor this year and help fulfill the staff meet the goal of assisting Mr. Bass with his dying wish.